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Most recent articles

Make human rights and democracy real in ASEAN.

Cambodian Platform for Struggle

By Shalmali Guttal
Wednesday 13 February 2013 by LRAN

This was the simple yet powerful message from the ASEAN Grassroots People’s Assembly (AGPA), held November 13 to 16 In Phnom Penh and attended by about 4000 Cambodians and another 200 people from other ASEAN countries.

Focus Policy Review: Whose Growth? Whose Democracy?

Wednesday 13 February 2013 by LRAN
Contents Whose growth? Whose democracy? by Clarissa Militante Voices from the countryside:Farmers speak of agrarian reform strugglesby Mary Ann Manahan APECO’s story: two visions of development contend in land grab caseby Jerik Cruz Photos: Agrarian Reform Campaign and Consultations; FOCUS in (...)

Via Campesina Booklet

Global Campaign to End Violence against Women

Wednesday 13 February 2013 by LRAN

Via Campesina International, by means of this booklet, hopes to encourage debate and reflection concerning a subject that unfortunately is part of the daily life of many women all around the world: the phenomenon violence against women, systematically silenced, naturalized and made invisible by capitalist patriarchic society.

This material gives continuity to the Global Campaign to End Violence against Women that was launched by Via Campesina in 2008. This booklet will guide discussions in our meetings and educational processes related to this theme. It also serves as the foundation for our daily actions and struggles to end violence against women.

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS)

A new space for the food policies of the world, Opportunities and limitations
Wednesday 13 February 2013 by LRAN

Language: English (Available in French and Spanish)

Content: For many years the CFS was a space that was neglected by governments as it had no impact on the world governance of agriculture, which states considered as resting more in the hands of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Then in 2009 the committee was reformed. This booklet focuses on this reform and its consequences for civil society.

Edition: La Via Campesina

First Global Encounter on Agroecology and Peasant Seeds

Surin Declaration

November 6 -12, 2012
Wednesday 13 February 2013 by LRAN
Surin, Thailand. La Via Campesina International delegates, representing our regional member organizations, are meeting in Surin province of Thailand in Asia to have the First Global Encounter on Agroecology and Seeds. The main objective is for La Via Campesina to share experience and construct (...)

Food Sovereignty and Alternative Paradigms to Confront Land Grabbing and the Food and Climate Crises

Peter M. Rosset
Wednesday 13 February 2013 by LRAN

KEYWORDS La Via Campesina; food sovereignty; food crisis; agrarian

Preventing hunger: Change economic policy

Wednesday 13 February 2013 by LRAN

Simply giving people food is not enough to prevent famine, says Peter Rosset. Instead, we need to overhaul the policies that have upended the food supply.

Practices of the Zapatistas and the Movimento Sem Terra

Participatory Democracy in Action

Amory Starr, María Elena Martínez-Torres, and Peter Rosset
Wednesday 13 February 2013 by LRAN

Participatory democracy has been studied as an auxiliary to state processes and as
an institutional and cultural part of social movements. Studies of the use of participa-
tory democracy by the Zapatistas of Mexico and the Movimento Sem Terra (Landless
Movement—MST) of Brazil show a shared concern with autonomy, in particular
avoidance of demobilization through the clientelism and paternalism induced by gov-
ernment programs and political parties. Both movements stress training in democracy
(the experience of “being government”) and the obligation to participate. Detailed
examination of their governance practices may be helpful to communities building
democratic movements in other places.

Keywords: Democracy, Social movements, Governance, Zapatistas, Movimento Sem Terra, MST

social process methodology in the construction of sustainable peasant agriculture and food sovereignty

The Campesino-to-Campesino agroecology movement of ANAP in Cuba

Peter Michael Rosset, Braulio Machín Sosa, Adilen María Roque Jaime and Dana Rocío Avila Lozano
Wednesday 13 February 2013 by LRAN
Agroecology has played a key role in helping Cuba survive the crisis caused by the collapse of the socialist bloc in Europe and the tightening of the US trade embargo. Cuban peasants have been able to boost food production without scarce and expensive imported agricultural chemicals by first (...)

Rural Social Movements and Agroecology: Context, Theory, and Process

Peter M. Rosset and Maria Elena Martínez-Torres
Wednesday 13 February 2013 by LRAN

Rosset, P. M., and M. E. Martínez-Torres. 2012. Rural social movements and agroecology: context, theory, and process. Ecology and Society 17(3): 17.

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