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The most recent articles

The most recent articles

Moving Forward: Study on the Impacts of the Implementation of Order 01BB in Selected Communities in Rural Cambodia

Monday 20 January 2014 by LRAN

The Sugarcane Industry and the global economic crisis

Maria Luisa Mendonça, Fabio T. Pitta and Carlos Vinicius Xavier
Wednesday 9 October 2013 by LRAN

Media release of La Via Campesina ∕ Grain ∕ ETC

Wednesday 25 September 2013 by LRAN

(Harare, 23 September 2013) La Vía Campesina, GRAIN and ETC welcome a new UNCTAD report which states that farming in rich and poor nations alike should shift from monoculture towards greater varieties of crops, reduced use of fertilizers and other inputs, greater support for small-scale farmers, and more locally focused production and consumption of food. More than 60 international experts contributed to the report, launched last week.

Journal of Peasant Studies

Wednesday 25 September 2013 by LRAN

We have recently published exciting and cutting-edge articles on global burning agrarian issues, as well as several special issues: • ‘Critical Perspectives in Agrarian Change and Peasant Studies’ (2009) • ‘Biofuels, Land and Agrarian Change’ guest edited by Phil McMichael and Ian Scoones (2010) • ‘New Frontiers of Land Control’ guest edited by Nancy Peluso and Christian Lund (2011) • ‘Green Grabbing: a New Appropriation of Nature?’ guest edited by James Fairhead, Melissa Leach & Ian Scoones (2012) • ‘The New Enclosures: Critical Perspectives on Corporate Land Deals’ guest edited by Ben White, Wendy Wolford & Ruth Hall (2012)

Re-thinking agrarian reform, land and territory in La Via Campesina

Peter Rosset
Saturday 14 September 2013 by LRAN

5 Years of Agroecology in La Vía Campesina

From Maputo to Jakarta

International Commission on Sustainable Peasant Agriculture
Thursday 5 September 2013 by LRAN

In the present volume we provide some of the key documents produced over these past five years, which give a feel for both the political struggle to defend sustainable peasant agriculture and the practical process of supporting the agroecology processes being carried out by member organizations and regions.

Killings of Brazil’s indigenous Indians highlight tensions of land disputes

Jonathan Watts - The Guardian
Sunday 11 August 2013 by LRAN

Brazilian government accused of pandering to agro-business lobby rather than reallocating areas to indigenous peoples

International Seminar on Public Policy for Food Sovereignty

Sunday 28 July 2013 by LRAN
Facing an international conjuncture in which several organizations of La Via Campesina (LCV) assess openness to dialogue by their national governments, recognizing the long and diverse experiences in public policies of their organizations, on September 28th through 30th of 2012, LVC convened (...)

The State of Agrarian Reform Under President Benigno Aquino III’s Government

Sunday 28 July 2013 by LRAN
The Save Agrarian Reform Alliance (SARA), a network of national farmers’ organizations, rural women, non-government organizations (NGOs) and agrarian reform beneficiaries pushing for the immediate, effective, substantive and just implementation of agrarian reform in the country, launched a (...)

Agroecological revolution : The Farmer-to-Farmer Movement of the ANAP in Cuba

Edition: ANAP, International Commission on Sustainable Peasant Agriculture of la Via Campesina
Wednesday 17 July 2013 by LRAN

Language: English (Available in French, and Spanish)

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