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  • Press release: International Day of Peasant Struggles

    , by LRAN

    “There can be no justifications for land grabbing!” social movements and CSOs tell World Bank, UN agencies and governments 17 April 2011
    Today, on the International Day of Peasant Struggles, prominent farmers, fisherfolk, human rights and research organisations have sharply criticised the World (...)

  • New FIAN report on landgrabbing in Kenya and Mozambique

    , by LRAN

    Heidelberg, 16.04.2010 – On the International Day of Peasants’ Struggle, April 17, FIAN International together with many other civil society actors calls for an immediate stop of land grabbing. A new report published today by FIAN International documents the findings of two research missions on (...)

  • Sumilao land remains undistributed after 2 years

    , by LRAN

    Two years ago today, in March 29, 2007, the Sumilao farmers signed an agreement with San Miguel Corporation (SMC), represented by its president, Ramon Ang in the presence of Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales. In signing of the agreement, SMC ceded 50 of the 144 hectares being claimed (...)